Where can I purchase under the influence? Under the influence is currently available for purchase online-only on the following sites:

Is under the influence available internationally? Currently, under the influence is available internationally on amazon kindle, barnes & noble, and book depository. However, it is exclusive to the us, canada, and europe on amazon.

What inspired you to write under the influence? The abuse that I went through growing up, my newfound faith in God, along with the support of my family inspired me to write under the influence. Knowing that there are millions of people in the world who’ve experienced the same kind of abuse I have was also a huge reason why I wrote under the influence. I wanted other survivors to know that they aren’t alone and that I feel their pain.

How did you self-publish? I self-published using createspace which is a service provided by amazon. It is a simple and completely free process that I’d recommend to any aspiring authors looking to self-publish! Along with createspace, I used Adobe Indesign to format and design my entire book.

How can I support you? You can support me by following me on social media, re-posting my poetry on social media, telling your friends and family about my book, lending your copy of my book to a friend or family member, and most importantly: leaving a review of my book on amazon or goodreads!

Will you be going on a book tour? As of right now, I don’t have a book tour planned. But I plan on to go on a book tour in the future!

Will you be writing a second book? Yes. I have tons of ideas for future books! I can’t wait to bring them all to life.

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