jacquelyn lee is a 21-year-old self-published author and poetess. she is best known for her debut poetry book, under the influence, which tells the story of her messy childhood growing up with an alcoholic father who went on to commit suicide. she is currently working on a sister-book to under the influence that focuses on her mentally-ill, estranged mother.

writing is jacquelyn’s coping mechanism. she writes about raw, real, emotions and experiences that aren’t always easy to put into words. poetry has helped her heal, learn, and grow.

along with writing, jacquelyn is also pursuing a psychology degree and plans to become a mental health counselor in the future. overall, both her mission and her passion are to advocate for mental health. she plans to spend her life helping others heal from abuse, trauma, grief, addiction, and mental illness.

to stay connected with jacquelyn, you can find her as @jacquelyn.lee on instagram. 

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